Web TV Production "Templars"

By Jan. 17 2020 it is available on "Prime Video" in United Kingdom and USA

Official English Trailer - " Templars the Da Vinci Code Secrets "

Main Titles of the movie


In 2020, after the first movie "Templars the Da Vinci Code Secrets" (episode 1, season 1)  we are actually in production about four Sequel episodes of "Templars" TV series

"Templars the Sinclair Legacy" (episode 2, season 1)

"Templars the Icelandic Viking Saga" (episode 3, season 1)

"Templars the Lost Colony" (episode 3, season 1)

"Templars the Arcadia New World" (episode 4, season 1)

At this time we are also in post production for the episodes of the mini TV Series "Live Traveling", a gourmet geographical voyage through Italy.

"San Pietro Island" ("Live Traveling" episode 1, season 1)

"Sicily the Island of Temples" ("Live Traveling" episode 2, season 1)

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