What we do

“Web Icon” is a high profile Tv producer. It is specialized in “Documentaries and TV Series".  It also represents "Phoenix Media" brand documentaries. Our actual catalogue includes 96 movie titles and 9 Tv series. The company since Jan. 2020 distributed some of its documentaries through Amazon "Prime Video" of Amazon USA and UK. From 2020 Web Icon has produced "Templars" a Tv series of five episodes. This series already won eight awards as "Best TV Series" at "San Diego Art Film Festival" 2023 with episode 3 "The Sinclair Legacy" and at "Tokyo International Short Film Festival" 2023 with episode 4 "Gudrid the Fair" starring Amy Erin Johnson who also won at " Japan International Film Festival". The same episode won at the "New York Independent Cinema Awards" 2023, at "Boston Independent Film Awards" 2023, at "Top Film Awards" 2023, at "Venice Under the Star"2023, Hamburg,Germany, "Purple Sky International Film Festival"2024, at "Monza Film Festival Feb.2024". Also it was officially selected by "New York Tri-State International Film Festival" 2023. "Templars" episode 3 "The Sinclair Legacy" was also officially selected at "Chicago Indie Film Awards" 2023, Paris Awards Film Festivals 2023. Finally another of our documentary film "San Pietro Island" won an award as "Best Short Documentary" at "Cannes International Short Film Festival". It was also nominee at Las Vegas Shorts Film Festival, selected at Cine Paris Film Festival and at Los Angeles Sun Film Festival. In 2023 Web Icon Inc. completed a Tv mini series of 6 episodes " A & F " - Amy & Francesca a Gourmet and Wine Story that it's on air on Amazon Prime Video. At this time it is filming "A & F" Season 2 narrated and conducted exclusively by the American actress Amy Erin Johnson.